NOCA Gives Back During COVID 19

*Slideshow of the over 150 and counting meals donated to local hospitals

NOCA BASEBALL Programs offered i  May (NEW!)

In Response to COVID-19

In response to the baseball shutdown due to COVID-19, NOCA Baseball has partnered with Big Easy Sportsplex to provide (3) New Baseball Programs Every Week starting on April 13th.  All programs will be conducted at Big Easy Sportsplex Click to see Weekly Schedule.

To Enroll in ANY Program:  Send Request to or Joey Cabeceiras directly 

  • Players will be assigned specific Time Slots for Prospect Video Creation & Capture Days, Skills Training Days, and Live Games Day (Competition Day)
  • Strict Scheduling and Limitations on Players per Time Slot keeps us in compliance with current social distancing regulations.
  • A Physician will be on hand at all times. 
  • Players will never be within 6 Feet of each other at any time.

Program #1. Wednesday Prospect's Video Showcases

-Videos relevant to the college recruiting process

  • Wednesdays at 6:00pm. Click the links for a preview.  Hit Trax, Multiple Camera Angles, and Stalker Radar with Spin Rate utilized.
  • On Video Days, Players come to the predetermined time slots to capture footage:

​                          *6:00pm - Outfield Defense and Catcher's Defense

                          *7:00pm - Infield Defense and Pitcher's Bullpens

                          *8:00pm - Live Batting Practice

  • Players can enroll to capture Video for multiple weeks or a specific week,to continually capture Showcase Video and continue to update their Scouting Profile.

                *Defensive Infield Movements 

                *Defensive Outfield Movements 

                *Live Pitching 

                *Catcher’s Defensive Movements w/POP TIMES, 60 Times 

Program #2. NOCA's Live Broadcasted Indoor Games

  • Strictly a Pitcher vs Batter held indoors on our 10,000sf Netted Turf Field. 
  • Real Competitive At-Bats for Hitters and Pitchers.  
  • NOCA will Live Broadcast and Record every Pitch and every At-Bat.  
  • We’ll also use Hit Trax & Stalker Radar with Spin Rates that will be clearly visible on camera.  
  • Live Commentary during Games and Batting Practice
  • Live Broadcasted On-Field Batting Practice 1-Hour Prior to Game (High School Games Only)

Competition Days, Friday Nights & Saturday Mornings, with a very specific schedule in order to limit the players per hour.  

*Players can enroll in multiple Competition Days or even just enroll in a specific Competition Day.*

Program #3. NOCA's Skills Training Days

  • Skills Training Days will be held every day with an emphasis on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  
  • Time Slots will be filled by Individual Players to limit the players within the facility each hour. 
  • Players will utilize specific Spaces inside and outside the facility at specific times, the rotate to a different Space.  

Costs per Player $100 that includes

  • (1) Training Days per Week...$25 if Chosen Separately
  • (1) Video Day per Week...$40 if Chosen Separately
  • (1) Live Game (Competition Day) per Week...$20 if Chosen Separately
  • Lessons can be added for $60 if Chosen Separately

Saturday, 4/25 High School Indoor Game

*2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, (1) 2024

Mission Statement

NOCA Baseball is built on the mission is to provide Player Development, Recruiting Opportunities for the many types of players, and Educational Resources for Athletes and Parents that connects Local Prep Coaches with Club Baseball. 

Understanding the current climate of Recruiting is difficult and confusing for most families.  Navigating these waters can be tricky and could be costly without the right guides. 

  • Be The Player Advocate First
  • Know Your Deficiencies Now
  • Know Where You Compare to Player's at Your Age, at Your Position, and with Your Academic Profile
  • Know Which Colleges have Which Recruiting Needs  
  • Know Which Colleges Recruit Athletes over Positions
  • Plot Your Progression with Real Check-Ins

Click Links Below and watch last weeks Indoor Games

Thursday, 4/23, 13U Indoor Game

Congratulations to NOCA's Latest Baseball Commits!

  • Collin Loupe 2021 - UNO
  • Gabriel Stockton 2020 - Delta State
  • Matt Villa 2020 - Loyola
  • Jackson Dennies 2020 - Notre Dame
  • Brennan Holt 2021 - LSU
  • Lance Lauve, 2021 - SLU
  • Will Hellmers, 2020 - LSU
  • Brian Valigosky, 2020 - Tulane
  • Michael Cauble, 2020 - SLU
  • Tre Morgan, 2020 - LSU
  • Jake Cohen, 2020 - Pensacola State
  • Joe Delaney, 2020 - SLU
  • Antoine Harris, 2019 - UNO 
  • Caleb St Martin 2019 - Copiah Lincoln CC
  • Brennan Stuprich, 2019 - SLU
  • Ron Franklin, 2019 - Bossier Parrish CC
  • Peyton Broussard, 2019 - Bossier Parrish CC
  • Nick Lorio, 2019 - Delgado CC
  • Adrian Aguilar, 2019 - Nicholls State
  • Anton Pelto, 2019 - Oberlin College
  • Evan Francione, 2018 - UNO
  • Alex Wiltz, 2018 - Loyola
  • Jared Hymel, 2018 - UNO
  • Zack Geiger, 2018 - Delgado
  • Steven Klein, 2018 - Delgado
  • Collin Burns, 2018 - Tulane
  • Alex Gonzales, 2018 - BRCC
  • Jerry Brown, 2018 - BRCC
  • Cortlyn Ramirez, 2018 - UNO
  • Jake Gitter, 2017 - Northern Colorado
  • Charlie Reisman, 2017 - Gettysburg
  • Michael Slatton, 2017 - Tulane
  • Austin Fontenot, 2017 - Nunez CC
  • Matthew Bonin, 2017 - Bellhaven

NOCA Slideshow

2020 Summer NOCA Select Teams 

Accepting Players Now. 

Rosters will Cap much sooner than normal.

13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U, & 18U. 

National, Regional, and Local Showcase Events Schedule. 

Request a Tryout by Email:

or call Brandon Rousseve at 504-813-0041

  Click this link to see our Summer 2020 Directors for each Age Division.

​Friday. 4/24 High School Indoor Game

*Committed & Offered Players 2020, 2021, 2022 & (1) 2023

 2020 NOCA Select Summer Showcase

Teams & Directors 

  • NOCA Select 13U - 13U Director: Brandon Rousseve
  • NOCA Select 14U - 14U Director: Kenny Francinques
  • NOCA Select 15U - 15U Director: Kyle Walther
  • NOCA Select 16U - 16U Director: Austin Weber 
  • NOCA Select 17U - 17U/18U Director: Joey Cabeceiras

New Players need to send an email to or call Brandon Rousseve at 504-813-0041

​to Request a Private Tryout.

We do not offer a Cattle Call Tryout.  All Player Tryouts are Private Workouts with Feedback.

​Email us to Request a Private Tryout


Call Brandon Rousseve at 504-813-9229

NOCA does not do Cattle Call Tryouts.  We first fill our Rosters with Current Players and add New Players for Open Roster Spots