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The Shop Throwers & Hitters Lab is an exclusive training facility available to NOCA Players and alumni. The facility offers 24-hour access to 5 batting cages equipped with Bata & Hack Attack pitching machines, 3 pitching lanes equipped with Rapsodo technology, PlyoCare Wall, and a professionally designed training space.

Located at 3307 Kingman Street
Metairie LA 70006

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Designed for Professional & College Players

  • 24 Hour Private Access: Stakeholders with Full View of Master Schedule
  • Player Grading & Scouting Assessments: Where Do You Grade vs Peers?
  • Performance & Scouting Metrics Hub:Training & Benchmarking
  • Customized Arm Plans & Return To Throw Programs
  • Customized Hitting Programs: Bat Speed & Pitch Recognition
  • Instructional Video Library with Remote Video Instruction
  • Skills Contests: Infielders, Catchers, Pitchers, Outfielders, Hitters

Designed for Professional & College Players

  • Limited to Only (100) Stakeholders
  • High School Players
  • (7) Different Types of Automated Pitching Machines - No “Pay By Round”
  • Tech Monitored Bullpens Spin, Velocity, Shape
  • Youth Academy: Skills Workshop Clinics
  • Private & Group Instruction
  • Latest Training Aids & Newest Tech Devices

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