In the Fall, NOCA uses a Varsity Roster Model for all of its teams.  We operate on Saturdays & Sundays only and all of the Games are EXCLUSIVE to NOCA, meaning that everyone on the diamond is a NOCA Player.

In the Summer, we do this same Varsity Model for at least (1) Weekend.  It allows our Older Players to Mentor our Younger Players and allows our NOCA Coaches to have a touch on more NOCA Players than just his normal Summer Roster.  The rest of the Summer sees our NOCA Rosters organized by Grade.  We typically like to PLAY UP each weekend as to provide higher competition and more Development. 

In July, we send NOCA Teams to participate in Perfect Game's WWBA National Championships.


Nobody does The Fall better than NOCA BASEBALL.  Here are our simple DO's & DONT'S for Fall Baseball...

Wedon'tseek out Fall Travel Tournaments that do very little for Development, Exposure, Recruiting, or Skills.

We don'trestrict players to a Lone Roster consisting only of players within his specific Age/Grade.

We don'tjust throw kids on a diamond and hope that a Scout likes one of them.

And we don't misinform families or embellish a Player's Grading in order to fill more rosters. 


- WeDOprovide every player with an Honest Current Plot of his Personal Skill Sets and determine where that would currently place him against his peers on a Local, Regional, and National Level. 

- We DO Educate Parents & Players of the Recruiting Processes, the differences in Divisions, the nuances of High Academic Colleges, and the Measurements/Strengths that are needed to grade in to these venues.

- We DO operate(4) Separate Showcases each Fall Weekendthat we use to teach and enhance each player's Grading within the Showcases.  As a Player's Measurements get better, we simply Update his Player Profile.

- We DO play in High Level-Highly Competitive Live Games our own terms that identify Deficiencies and enhance Development.

- We DOMix ALL Ages to create Varsity Model Rosters.

- We DO offer unsurpassed Coaching and Teaching in the fields of BioMechanics, Arm Care, Velocity Enhancement, Batspeed Enhancement, Speed & Agility, Defensive Specialty Training, and Baseball IQ.

NOCA's Fall Model

  • Why Better For Player Development?

We combine ALL Players from ALL Ages/Grades on most weekends to create functional Varsity Models.  This allows Older Players the ability to Mentor and Younger Players the ability to compete at a much higher level.  We'll carry around (50) Total Players and create (4) NOCA College Venue Teams.  All of these players receive the Academy Nights, Professional Coaching, and Updated Showcase Measurements.  This reason alone is enough to have NOCA's College Venue / Varsity Baseball Model outperform the current Traditional Model of Travel Baseball. 

  • Why Better For Player's Exposure?

College Recruiters are actually ON THE FIELD and provide LIVE FEEDBACK to aid in each player's Development.  We use their feedback to help plot Current Data Points for each player, create Gameplans to reach your Next Data Point all while intimately Exposing Players of ALL AGES to College Recruiters. 

The current Traditional Model has the players travel hours to only play games, hope that a college recruiter/scout is in attendance, hope the ball comes his way when they are in attendance, hope he gets an At-Bat / Pitches if they even are in attendance, and then hope that he actually performs up to his ability in this "one-time / one-chance" moment.  Does this sound appealing to you?  NOCA College Venue Weekends operate a Showcase surrounded by Live Games.  The College Recruiters and Scouts partake in the Showcase and get an intimate look at each player while we provide multiple opportunities in a variety of Skill Stations to each player.  We're not "hoping" for the ball to find a player.  The Recruiters can then watch Live Games to see if those Skills transcend into the game.  You don't get any more intimate levels of Exposure

  • Why Better For Recruiters & Scouts?  The Youth Movement

College Recruiters/Scouts have different, yet very specific, needs in each Classes/Grades.  Seeing players within only One Class is simply limited and time consuming (combining Juniors with Seniors and Freshman with Sophomores can help, but still offers limitations).  What if they don't need an Infielder in that class?  They usually just walk away or don't attend because 98% of Seniors are either Non-prospects or Already Committed.  This is the harsh reality of College Recruiting.  So watching 98% Non-Prospects to see those 2% Prospects is archaic and unproductive.  The current Traditional Model actually only allows for more of a marketing ploy by Clubs to use most Players to increase margins..

Seeing Multiple Classes at One Game simply makes more sense, especially when most of these players are all Potential Prospects.  Younger players simply offer a larger window and more Projectability. 

  • Why Better For Families, Better For Players In Fall School Sports?

NOCA COLLEGE VENUE plays everything local right here in New Orleans with all Games & each Showcase on the Weekends.  NO Travel Expenses, NO waking up at 6:00am to play in some obscure location (4) hours away, NO dedicating the entire weekend to what's truthfully Limited Exposure and Limited Player Development.  The NOCA College Venue Model is a better or all families, but specifically makes sense for families with multiple children, players that play Fall Sports (Football, Wrestling, Swimming, Soccer),  and/or better for those families with limited budgets.  You just don't need to spend $1,000 in The Fall.

  • Why Better For Player Development?

NOCA only employs Professional Coaches.  These are men that actually coach and teach for a living.  We aren't plumbers that coach on the side.  Most of our NOCA Faculty also have Professional and College Playing Experience.  All of our NOCA Faculty are of like mind and have individual strengths that provide a synergistic value.  Also, The NOCA Baseball Network and vast experience within the Recruiting process is simply unmatched.  There aren't many colleges that NOCA doesn't have a personal connection.