Pitching/Reactive Arm Program

Directed by Dr. Luis Arencibia.  We define Arm Care as Pattern Awareness & Pattern Enhancement.  When you "know" your Pattern, you realize when it's disconnected.  Arm Care utilizes a Towel Drill Series, Bands Regimen, Heavy Ball Decel Drops (Not Thrown or Held), and Medicine Ball Rotational Drills to increase Spine Stability and Limb Symmetry. 

Corner Infield Defense  

Kyle Walther directs.

1st Base

- Shuffle Footwork

- Fungo Picks

- Holding On Dynamics

- Playing Back Dynamics

3rd Base

- Playing In (Hands Then Spine)

- Playing Back (Spine Then Hands)

- Slo Rollers

- Double Play Feeds

- 1st & 2nd Quick Decisions

Academy Night Only

Middle Infield

Players learn Prep Steps to Groundball Reads, Footwork to Release, Push Thru's to Funnels, Separation to Release.  We build into Double Play Feeds and Double Play Turns.  Players learn both sides of Middle Infield.  Brandon Rousseve and Randy Albaral oversee.

Pitching: Curveballs & Offspeed

Kenny Francinques teaches the biomechanics of the Curveball and Change-Up.  Tilt, Axis, Spin Rate, Magnus Effect, Release Point, Wrist Version, and Multiple Grips.

Hitting Builds

Kinetic Optimization and Timing are the 1st Fundamentals, and we have a unique Timing Series for Hitters.  Then we launch into Pitch Recognition, which dictates Timing.  Biomechanics addresses Functional Strength Deficiencies, Spine Stabilization, and Sequencing.  Lastly,  comes we finish with Mechanics.  By this time, players are Self Coaching.  NOCA's Hitting Progression is not the last generation's hitting system.  NOCA's Hitting Builds are Customized Sessions designed to encourage Self-Assessment.  All Instructors work in Hitting Builds.

Catcher's Package

Tim Collins directs. We break down the Catching Position each week.  Signals.  Stances.  Receiving.  Blocking.  Back Picks.  Transfers.  POP Times.

Outfielder's Package

Jim Cueto (UNO) directs, All-Conference Centerfielder, directs.  Approach.  Shading.  Basehits.  Throw Behinds.  Do Or Dies.  High Sky.  This is everything specific to Outfield Movements, Reads, and Situations.

*Fall Academy Nights are INCLUDED in NOCA's Fall College Venue & Fall Prep Venue Fees.

Wednesdays at Big Easy Sportsplex, 8:00pm - 9:30pm

​9/11, 9/18, 9/25, 10/2

Fall "Academy Only" Players (*Players Not Enrolled In College Venue & Prep Venue)

will be Capped at (25) Players.

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Pitching/Reactive Arm Program

This is the layer before Mechanics.  How does your body handle the movements being asked?  Can you even attain, let alone Repeat, the Mechanics being taught by your coach?  This is the biggest disconnect for players when receiving instruction.  NOCA addresses the Biomechanics of Pitching through unique athletic movements that promote Mechanical Efficiency and a Repeatable Pattern.  Joey Cabeceiras directs.

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Fall 2019 "Academy Only" Players

  • NOCA's College Venue & Prep Venue Players are already Enrolled as part of their Fall NOCA Package​
  • Players NOT Enrolled in our Fall College or Prep Venues can Request Enrollment in Academy Nights now at info@nocabaseball.com. 
  • Fall Academy Nights will Cap at (25) "Academy Only"Players. Players Must Be 12 Years or Older.
  • Price for Academy Only Players:  $100 for Big Easy Sportsplex Member, $150 for Non-Members

Fall 2019 Academy Nights Summer Dates & Times

  • Academy Workshop #1.  Wednesday, 9/11.  8:00pm-9:30pm.  Big Easy Sportsplex.
  • Academy Workshop #2.  Wednesday, 9/18.  8:00pm-9:30pm. Big Easy Sportsplex.
  • Academy Workshop #3.  Wednesday, 9/25.  8:00pm-9:30pm. Big Easy Sportsplex.
  • Academy Workshop #4.  Wednesday, 10/2.  8:00pm-9:30pm. Big Easy Sportsplex

The Skills Classes Inside Academy Nights

Academy Night Skills Classes are some of the best moments in NOCA Baseball.  These very unique training sessions teach the dynamics of each Defensive Position, Pitching Biomechanics, Arm Care, Offspeed, Catching, and Hitting.  (4) Fall Sessions are intended to build on each other each week, so we're constantly teaching New Material.  NOCA brings in every NOCA Coach and Consultants.  Players determine their Classes and circulate from Class to Class each Week. 

NOCA's  Faculty

Brandon Rousseve (Tampa Rays), Joey Cabeceiras (UNO, De La Salle/Newman), Kenny Francinques (De La Salle / Tulane), Joseph Laird (Head Coach, St Martin's), Miles Cabeceiras (Ole Miss), Kyle Walther (Head Coach, Lusher), Wayne Stein (Head Coach St Charles Catholic), Johnny Collins (Head Coach Grace King), Jim Cueto (UNO), Tim Collins (Catching Director)

See NOCA Faculty for a full list of Instructors.  Read below for clear details and Instruction Content.