​​Disclaimer:  SELECT NOCA 14's Always Plays Up.  14 is a weird year.  Most 14's stall or even regress because they do not play in a challenging enough environment.  We will swing Wood Bats and/or -3 BBCOR all year.  14 should not be another watered down season of Travel Baseball, especially when the very best 14's from around the state and around the country are playing up.  If you're in 8th Grade, then go smash for your School and use -5 Bats only during the Spring. If you're in 9th Grade, -3 BBCOR or Wood is your only option (using a -5 in the Summer after 9th Grade is backwards development).

​2019 14U Player Profiles & Mission Statement for 14's. Click to view

How Do I Enroll?  You need to send an email asap to info@nocabaseball.com or call Brandon Rousseve at 504-813-0041 to schedule a Private Tryout

Spots for 14's during The Fall are very limited.  We build our Select Rosters by first sending Invitations to Current NOCA Players.  This means that all NOCA Select Rosters are 80% to 90% Full before we even conduct a New Player Tryout.

The 2020 Summer for NOCA 14's!  Playing with and against older players while being coached by all of our NOCA Faculty only increases your chances of earning a spot on the NOCA Select Francinques  Playing against kids your own age all year just won't progress you.  See better Pitching, experience the Faster Pace, acclimate to the Higher Speeds, and you'll truly develop to increase your chances to play for your High School and to thrive during the Summers at National Events.

The 2019 Summer for NOCA 14's 

14U Director 2019-2020:  Kyle Walther

In the Summer, our 14's are grouped together to create NOCA Francinques and NOCA Walther.  These ALL 14U Rosters will compete at The 16U Division and 14U Division within Showcase Tournaments during the 2019 Summer.  They will not play Travel Baseball, swing -5 Bats, or chase trophies.
Where Will NOCA 14's Play in The Summer?  We typically play in New Orleans, Hattiesburg, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette.  See the Master Summer Schedule and locate Team Francinques and Team Walther for specific events. 
What Colleges do we play at? UNO, Tulane, Nicholls State, Southeastern, USM, Jones CC, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Delta State, Spring Hill, South Alabama, ULL, LSU Eunice, Baton Rouge CC, Loyola, and LSU (Alex Box Stadium).

National 14U Event
This experiences from the Fall and Playing Up with 16's in June allows us to groom our 14's for Perfect Game's 14U WWBA National Championships, June 28-July 5, in Hoover, AL. 

NOCA Select 14U 2018/2019 Directors:   Kyle Walther & Kenny Francinques

NOCA 14's in The Fall
*14's will be slotted into (2) Fall Programs based on each player's individual ability.  Consider this an Extended Tryout to allow for Development, Puberty, and Progression:

1.  Fall College Venue   

Only (8) 14 Year Old Players will be offered the opportunity to play in NOCA's Upper Division alongside 15's, 16's, 17's, and 18's this Fall.  NOCA creates (4) College Venue Teams using a Varsity Model Roster. Click here to read more about NOCA's Upper Division Fall College Venue Program

  • (4) Weekends of Live Games played locally
  • (4) Pro-Style Showcase Workouts with Different Colleges each Weekend 
  • (1) PBR Partnered Showcase 
  • Professionally Coached
  • (4) Academy Nights
  • $650

This is the highest level of competition that you can find at 14U.  The Pro-Style Showcase Workouts allows us to discover Player's Scouting Measurements each weekend in front of multiple College Scouts, and receive Direct Feedback from these Scouts.  Although our 14's will be the youngest players on each Upper Division Fall Team, the experience of playing alongside and against older players maximizes Development and Personal Growth like nothing else. 

2. Fall Prep Venue   

Similar design as Upper Division, NOCA's Prep Division isa 15's, 14's, and 13's Fall Program.  We create (2) to (4) NOCA Prep Teams using qualified 15's, 14's, and 13's. 

  • (5) Weekends of Live Games
  • All Played Locally
  • NOCA Faculty Coaches manage each Fall Team
  • (2) Weekends are dedicated to a Pro-Style Showcase Workout.  This is where each player can capture his Scouting Measurements (60 Time, Exit Velo, POP Time, etc).
  • (1) PBR Partnered Showcase
  • $450 ​​

NOCA Select refers to Summer Teams are organized by Grade and Age.

We Do Not Over Roster.  NOCA Select 14U offers the most competitive Local/Regional Events & Games as well as the Perfect Game Experience in Atlanta.  Local/Regional Games will be within the 14U, 15U, or 16U Divisions and played at Colleges.  That means you're Playing Up All Summer.  This Is Not Travel Ball.  BBCOR -3 or Wood Bats Only. 

  • RSVP at info@nocabaseball.com to be considered for NOCA Select 14U.  A Private Tryout is required.  There will be No Cattle Call Tryout for 14U.